Strain Gauge Testing

Sometimes strain gauge testing can save bridges that would otherwise require expensive rebuilding or replacement.  Strain gauge testing can also aid in designing the most cost-effective repair or retrofit to strengthen deficient spans.

Railstar partners with strain gauge specialists Resensys to provide economical strain gauge testing.  Resensys has developed a unique WiFi alternative to stringing and securing sensor wires, cutting the time required for testing.

If desired, sensors can be protected against the elements and left in place to continue to collect information for years.  Sensors for monitoring other factors such as displacement, temperature, acceleration, wind speed, water height and more are available.  A gateway can be installed on the bridge to funnel all information to a cellular modem (or directly to an internet connection if available) and upload it to the cloud from which anyone with internet access and rights can download and utilize it, making it possible to monitor a bridge 24 - 7.