About Us


Railstar is an engineering consulting firm specializing in railroads.  Railstar's engineers have experience in a broad range of railroad engineering, particularly existing bridges and track layout.  We have been in business since 2010 and draw on railroad experience dating to the 1980’s.  We are fully insured for railroad work and our employees are trained in roadway worker protection, fall protection and more.

Dollars for bridges are in short supply, so it is vitally important to use them where they will provide the most tangible value to the owner.  Railstar draws on decades of experience with thousands of bridges under all kinds of traffic, from the merciless pounding of unit trains on main lines to weekly 10-car trains at 10 mph on short lines, to help railroads put that money into the appropriate work on the appropriate bridges.

RailStar is one of the few consulting firms that truly follow practical railroad engineering practice.  We come from a strictly railroad background working for Class 1 railroads, a nationwide railroad bridge contractor, a track contractor, as well as consulting firms.